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To make crazy, marbled eggs, simply hard boil the eggs, then roll them around to crack the shells, then re-boil them in water containing food colouring – so easy! When you peel the shells off you are left with a colourful crazy paving effect on the egg.

With all the little Easter bunnies hopping around, a carrot cake seems quite appropriate – and one any adult visitors should really enjoy.

There’s such a lot of sweet stuff consumed at Easter, but it doesn’t all have to be sugary. There are healthier Easter-themed options too, make bunny shaped sandwiches and add carrot sticks to dip in humous. It wouldn’t be the same without some traditional hot cross buns, of course and a traditional bake for Easter is Simnel cake – usually decorated with 11 marzipan balls to represent the apostles – minus Judas, for obvious reasons. Of course when it comes to Easter food, presentation is very important, so even simple Easter biscuits can look the part when you use Easter themed cookie cutters. jeeter juice live resin If you are planning to bake cupcakes and give them as gifts, we like to present them inside adorable Easter themed cake boxes.

Set a pretty table with a vase of flowers and a fresh looking tablecover. Hang up spring garlands and serve up food on Easter themed disposable plates and bowls for ease and convenience, adding nice little extra touches, such as traditional stripey straws.

So you see, even simple food such as sandwiches and crisps look the part when served on sweet Easter tableware.

If the children receive a lot of Easter eggs, put some away and make them last longer! Or even melt them down to use in recipes such as chocolate brownies.

Easter runs from Good Friday on 18th April ’til Easter Monday on the 21st April this year. It is a lovely time of year to spend with family and friends. The children really look forward to it – mainly for the chocolate eggs, I guess! But there are lots of fun activities you can do together and delicious food to make, bake and eat. In this article we take a look at some tasty Easter food ideas and treats, ideal if you plan to have an Easter party.

A favourite for children at this time of year are chocolate ‘nests’ with little edible chocolate or jely bean eggs on top and they’re super easy, so the kids can join in. Simply mix in chocolate or syrup and butter into breakfast cereal, such as Rice Krispies or Cornflakes and allow to set in paper cupcake cases.


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